As a company that believes passionately in equality for all in the workplace, Denim Expert Ltd. were very pleased to welcome representatives of the Bandhu Social Welfare Society to the company on 3rd July 2018, with the objective of establishing the integration of transgender personnel into the workplace.

Bandhu Social Welfare Society started its journey in 1996 with a mission to address the health care needs and human rights issues of sexual minority populations and to achieve a vision of a Bangladesh where every person, irrespective of their gender and sexuality, is able to lead a quality life with dignity, human rights and social justice.

Under the guidance of our managing director, MD Mostafiz Uddin, we at Denim Expert Ltd. strive to offer equal opportunity for all – regardless of gender, religion or sexual persuasion, in the belief that opportunities should be equal to all and individuals assessed on their capabilities alone.

Last month, following a visit to the plant by members of the US Embassy and USAID, amongst whom was Mr. Shale Ahmed. executive director of Bandhu, it was proposed that a special program could be arranged whereby members of the transgender community would get the opportunity to explore the possibilities of working in the company. MD Mostafiz Uddin embraced the proposal and arranged for the relevant departments to initiate a program that would be suitable for members of the under-privileged transgender community to visit the company and integrate with members of the Denim Expert Ltd. family.

Members of Bandhu and representatives of the transgender community were invited by MD Mostafiz Uddin to visit the company on July 3rd 2018, to participate in a day long programe organized by our HR Department whereby transgender representatives met with members of the Denim Expert Ltd. workforce to explore ways that they could be integrated into the professional environment.

Employees from every department were selected to attend the meeting and to discuss and interact with the Bandhu team and the representatives of the transgender community, Sima Akhter Hijra, Dilruba Akhter Hijra, Akhi sultana Hijra and Moni Hijra. A close bond was formed with all involved in the meeting with Denim Expert Ltd. employees explaining their roles and discussing possibilities for transgender inclusion and with transgender representatives talking about their past lives and the problems that they face in Bangladesh today. The meeting concluded with thanks giving speeches from Mr. Shale Ahmed, Mr. Rafiqul Islam (Deputy Manager of Training and Counselling at Bandhu) and Mr. Sukanta Chowdhury, HR and Compliance Manager at Denim Expert Ltd. with special recognition being given by the efforts of MD Mstafiz Uddin towards the integration of transgender employees within the company.

In Bangladesh society today, transgender people are stigmatized and alienated from society and their own families, but we at Denim Expert Ltd. believe the time has come to integrate them into regular society and allow them the opportunity to find gainful employment and make a contribution to society and the nation as a whole; this philosophy is in line with the United Nations declaration that sustainable development requires inclusive development, ensuring that all are included and that the benefits of development will feed through from individuals to benefit the nation as a whole.

Denim Expert Ltd. are the first company in Bangladesh to make steps towards transgender inclusion thanks to the foresight and respect for his fellow man held by our managing director, MD Mostafiz Uddin.



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