Over recent years, the notion of a circular economy has been widely promoted globally. In essence, a circular economy implies that all materials and products in society are used and circulated amongst its users for as long as possible, in an environmentally safe, effective and just manner. Natural resources, including energy, are used effectively during both the production process and the life cycle of the product.

Canvas of Color

Our managing director, MD Mostafiz Uddin, having visited the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, January 2018 and having attended meetings, where the concept of circular fashion was discussed, was inspired to set about making a circular fashion line, produced in Bangladesh, a reality.

Denim Expert Ltd. are very pleased to present the first images of our first circular fashion collection under the brand name of CIRCLE. The vision for the development came from MD Mostafiz Uddin’s experiences in Copenhagen and the collection was produced in-house by the less able bodied and transgender employees of Denim Expert Ltd.

The principles for the development of the collection established by MD Mosatfiz Uddin to realize his vision include:

  • All product is designed so that its sub-components can be disassembled or separated to facilitate repair, remake, reuse and eventually, at the end of the product life cycle, the recycling of the material.
  • Designed with high quality materials and in a timeless style and fit to maximize the product’s durability, longevity and appeal to many customers.
  • To ensure worker’s well-being and to encourage the engagement of transgender & disabled workers to produce the product with traditional hand embroidery techniques.
  • Collection to be produced with non-toxic, high quality and preferably biodegradable materials, so that materials can be safely biodegraded and composted at the end of use.
  • All products are produced with rigorous consideration to all relevant chemical regulations and legislations worldwide. If some parts are made out of non-biodegradable materials, for example the buttons and zipper, these must be able to be easily separated from the main garment components before biodegradation.
  • Last but not least, the product is “Made in Bangladesh with Pride”.

With the above guidelines established, Denim Expert Ltd. have created a collection where all materials used are free from hazardous substances and chemicals, in order to enable safe and pure material flow in society. The aim of the designs is to maximize product longevity, sustainability and durability and to create an image that identifies a product and differentiates it from its competitors.


Over time, this image of the product will become associated with a level of credibility, quality, and satisfaction in the consumer’s mind and will offer the following:

Canvas of Color

–   Modern: Circular Fashion is the new black in the international fashion industry.

– Altruistic: Involving transgender and less able-bodied employees and utilizing local traditional craft.

–   Achiever: First consumer fashion brand out of Bangladesh.

–   Transformer: Evolution from a production notion to value adding and innovation.

–   Transparent: Transparent supply chain.

–   Sustainable: Fabrics and the design philosophy and approach.

Canvas of Color

The capsule collection features a variety of women’s styles made in a selection of sustainable fabric bases and embellished using traditional Bangladeshi sewing techniques.


The collection was developed in-house with the collaboration of our valued less-able bodied and transgender employees, offering them the further opportunity to both contribute towards this new venture for the company and to gain satisfaction having been involved with the project from its outset.


Denim Expert Ltd. will be launching the collection for sale in January 2019, focussing on the UK and Danish markets. The target audience will be 18 – 30 year old women for the initial launch and retail prices will extend from €100 entry price point to €260 at the highest level.

Denim Expert Ltd are very proud to be promoting both the story of circular fashion and what is achievable in Bangladesh, to a discerning European audience!


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