Mostafiz Uddin´s passion for denim has no limit. He is not only a denim manufacturer but also designing his own collections.

We at Denim Expert Ltd. are different from most garment factories in Bangladesh. Our founder and Managing Director Mostafiz Uddin is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a creative and gifted visionary when it comes to fashion and denim. His life is devoted to his passion for jeans which doesn´t end at producing clothing for fashion brands. He founded and organizes renowned events like the Bangladesh Denim Expo and the Bangladesh Apparel Exchange where he invites the world´s denim community into our country to inform them and our local producers about upcoming trends both in fashion and manufacturing and inspire them to take innovative new steps, mainly focussing on sustainability. But of course that isn´t enough for a man as committed to denim as Mostafiz Uddin. His creative mind and he himself never rest. Not only is he manufacturing jeans for our customers but also designing his own collections to let his never-ending inspirations take materialized form. Pioneering in design as well as in production processes and conditions, which always aim for the utmost sustainability, Mostafiz Uddin´s own jeans collections enable him to offer our customers a one-stop-shop strategy. They can purchase completely finished products from us without having to employ their own design and research department. Because these products are at the peak of fashion as well. Among the denim community Mostafiz Uddin is acknowledged as a very talented and imaginative designer.
To keep in close contact with the production process Mostafiz Uddin is involved in every step of the manufacturing. He is regularly joining us, his staff, and performing every production step himself to preserve his expertise in every aspect of denim production and look out for possible improvements. He feels that we are a big family, all committedly working for the same goal: To manufacture the best denim product with the least impact on our earth.